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Zhejiang Jiabao New Fiber Group Co Ltd under Jinggong Holding Group is one of the national largest chemical fibers manufacturers with the registered capital of CNYO 3 billion Our company now has over 1000 staff members and the international first class polyester production lines whose main production equipment and inspecting equipment were imported from Japan and Germany including one set of 400 000 ton five autoclaves process polymerization device for semi dull yarns the other set for bright yarns 16 high speed spinning lines and the high speed 768 position winders produced by Japanese TMT Company and 10 sets of advanced technology on line adding equipment We can produce all kinds of FDY...

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Recycle Pre Oriented Polyester Yarn POY

Recycle Fully Drawed Polyester Yarn FDY

Recycle Draw Texturing Polyester Yarn DTY

Recycle CHIP

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